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It is very important to be ON TIME at camp. Why, you ask? Because if you’re late, you’ll get called ugly! Well, not really, but at camp we do love to sing the U-G-L-Y song when a cabin group is late to dinner, an activity, etc. This camp song will surely stay stuck in your mind long after that camp summer session.

You’re late!
You’re late!
You’re late you’re late you’re late (these three said really fast)
And you’re uuugggly!
U-G-L-Y (spell it out)
You ain’t got no alibi
‘Cause you’re uuugggly

You can end the song here or keep adding fun verses like these below:

We know why you look like that way
your maaaaammma!
Yeah, yeah!
Your mama!

we know why you spit that way
your llaaaammmma!
Yeah, yeah!
Your llama!

Add any more verses as you’d like!

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