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This chant is a great way to start a friendly war at lunchtime between cabins or groups. One group can start, attack another, and the two can go back and forth.


There ain’t no flies on us
There ain’t no flies on us
There might be flies on Cabin 4 (or whoever the opponent is)
But there ain’t no flies on us


Now cabin 4 needs to retaliate! What will they do? Use the same chant but insert another insect, pest, unwanted or gross thing, etc instead of “flies”.

For example, “there ain’t no fleas on us…” or “there ain’t no cooties”,

Other ideas: stinky clothes, wet socks, fungus, etc.

Please keep in mind – keep this friendly! Avoid any truth that could really embarrass a kid. DO NOT say anything that actually happened at camp that could make a kid feel really bad – i.e., wetting the bed, lice, etc.

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