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Best with 5 or more people. Everyone sits in a line on the edge of the stage or on a bench or row of chairs. The person at one end of the line says, “I have to go wee”. This message is passed down the line of people, with everyone saying something about it (e.g. “He has to go wee already”, “Again!” etc.), until the message reaches the person at the other end. This person says, “It´s not time yet.” This message is passed back up the line to the original person. The original person sits fidgeting for a little bit as if they have to pee, then asks again, “Can I go wee yet?” The message is passed down the line to the person on the opposite end, who says,”Ok, fine, it´s time”. The message is passed excitedly back up the line. When it gets back to the first person, s/he jumps up and yells “Wheeee” with everyone else following suit.

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