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Gather a group of (older) campers or LITs/CITs and tell them that they are going to organize a skit with some of the counselors. It is their job to keep the counselors in the dark about what is actually going to happen. They will decide on a few actions for the counselors to perform and will ask those counselors to participate in their charades game.

The organizers will take the counselors away from the performance area to explain the game. They will tell the counselors that the audience is going to have to guess what all of the actions have in common. They will tell the counselors that the audience will probably guess complicated things but it’s really simple: they all take place in a chair. The counselors will think that the aim of the game is to make a silly sort of anti-joke. The counselors can make noises and say words that might accompany the action such as, “yes! hooray! that was hard!”

Back at the performance area, the organizers will tell the audience that the counselors are going to play a game of charades with them. But, what the counselors don’t know is that the chair they are sitting on is actually a TOILET! The organizers will tell the audience that this must remain a secret but that they can laugh at the counselors all they want!

They will then bring one counselor out a time to perform their action. Some ideas for the actions include: flying a plane, riding a roller coaster, playing video games, cheering on your favourite team, driving a race car, giving birth, etc.

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