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Cast: Actor(s), Director, Cameraman, Others in a studio

Setting: Studio

Director: Okay, People! Let’s get going!

Cameraman: But Sir!

Director: No interruptions! Action!

Actor, speaking in a dull voice, does a commercial for Camp Root Beer, talking about its great taste, made from dishwater and leftover porridge, and lots of the special ingredient, “Hop to it,” which the Camp leader often said, from camp when …

Director: Cut! That sounded like you don’t like the stuff! Sound sincere! Okay! Let’s try it again!

Cameraman: But Sir!

Director: No buts! Action!

Actor begins again, appropriately sincere, and there are the usual interruptions by the director, saying it’s too fast, too slow, whispers into the actor’s ear(who then checks his zipper) until finally, everything goes smoothly. All the while, the Cameraman keeps on interrupting the Director at the same time.

Director: Cut! And Print! That was fantastic! Let’s get out of here!

Cameraman: But Sir! We don’t have any film!

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