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Camp Skit Instructions

Have new counselors/staff at your camp? This is perfect skit for them! 

Counselor walks on stage and asks for two volunteers. The counselor must choose new counselors/staff members (must either be new to your camp, or haven’t seen this skit before). The chosen volunteers will walk off stage or to a different room (where they can’t see or hear anything). They must not be told anything about this skit.

Once the two new counselors have left the vicinity, the counselor on stage will call up his cabin group. The cabin group sits in a half circle, each camper holding a kitchen utensil. One of these kitchen utensils must be a pot. In front of the half circle, lay down a potholder (oven mitt).

Once the group is seated and ready, holding the kitchen utensils, the counselor calls for one of the new staff members to come back on stage. As the new staff member walks on to stage, the cabin group seated on stage begins to chant, “hug the potholder”, using their kitchen utensils as instruments (pro tip: chant the words very slowly, almost like a half-conscious, trance, kind of chant).

The new counselor, having just walked onto stage and seeing the campers sitting and chanting, will probably be confused. After a few seconds, he/she should realize what they’re chanting, and will notice the potholder on the floor. The new counselor will then think he needs to grab/hug the potholder from the floor, and will head towards it. The cabin group will stop chanting and scream, “NOOOO”, and the new staff member will back away from the potholder, confused. The new counselor might try this a few more times, 0nly to keep hearing the group shout “NO” each time (pro tip: encourage the campers to take this very seriously, as yell LOUDER and LOUDER the closer the new counselor gets to the oven mitt).

Eventually the new counselor will realize he is NOT supposed to grab the oven mitt, but rather the OTHER potholder – the camper holding the pot! Once he realizes this, and heads towards the camper holding the pot, the group cheers.

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