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Camp Skit Instructions

Need: 5 or more campers (1 is an announcer, 1 is an Angel).

Announcer: Here we are at the Gates of Heaven.

Camper 1: (Walks up to angel at gate) Hello, I’ve come to get into Heaven.

Angel: Well, you’re not in yet! First you’ve got to tell me how you suffered on Earth.

Camper 1: Well, I spent a week eating camp food.

Angel: I’m sorry, you haven’t suffered enough. (Camper 1 exits dejectedly.)

Camper 2: (Enters) Hi, I’m here to get into Heaven.

Angel: Fine, fine. And how have you suffered?

Camper 2: I went on a long hike and got blisters all over my feet.

Angel: Sorry. That’s not enough suffering to get into Heaven. (camper 2 exits)

Camper 3: (Enters) Can I get into Heaven?

Angel: How did you suffer?

Camper 3: I’m in (pick someone’s name who can take a joke)’s cabin group.

Angel: Well, come on in!!

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