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Camp Skit Instructions

Two campers on stage. One is the fortune teller, wrapped in a blanket/cloak and appearing to be very old and wise. Speaks with an old voice. The other camper is the announcer, who introduces the other camper as a very accurate teller of fortunes who can predict a person’s future by touching anything belonging to the person.

The announcer calls up a series of campers. He asks the first camper what he has brought, and the camper pulls out a pencil. The announcer hands the pencil to the fortune teller and asks her to tell the future of the owner. The fortune teller waves her hands and mumbles, “Ah, yes! You will become a writer” (camper is encouraged to mumble and think for a long time, appearing to be a wise fortune teller and leaving the camper in anticipation for the answer).

First camper leaves stage, next camper comes on stage. This camper brings out a comb from his pocket, and the fortune teller predicts that he will become a hairdresser. A third camper has a dollar, and she predicts that he will become a successful banker. Feel free to brainstorm here and bring in some new trends (e.g. spatula to be the next “top chef”, car keys for Uber driver, cell phone for social media influencer, etc.).

After several of these, the announcer asks for a volunteer from the audience (pro tip: use a new counselor, one who hasn’t seen this skit before!). The announcer asks what he has to show the fortune teller. The counselor tries to offer a few items from his pocket, but the announcer says keeps saying each item is not good enough. Finally, the announcer suggests that the counselor offer up his shoe, and makes him take it off. The shoe is handed to the fortune teller, who repeats her mumbo jumbo. The fortune teller holds his shoe up to her face, has a disgusted look and even holds her nose. She then announces, “You will go on a long journey!” She throws the shoe far into the woods.

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