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Camp Skit Instructions

Setting: campers holding a large sheet or towel.

Materials: small and big things, such as stick and log, paper and book, regular and serving spoons, stick and log, etc.

Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen! To demonstrate my enlarging machine, I will need a volunteer! (Get your victim.) I need you to help me while I explain what is going on. Now, look at what this machine can do! Please, will you put this spoon into the machine? (He does, and out comes the serving spoon, noises.)

Announcer: Isn’t that amazing, ladies and gentlemen! Now watch. (Victim puts in stick, and log comes out.)

Announcer: My goodness, something to heat your home with! This is amazing! And please put in this piece of paper. (Book comes out.)

Announcer: Even I am amazed! But let’s try something even grander. Can I have another volunteer?

(announcer picks a very young camper from the audience and an older staff or counselor who both look alike, i.e., blonde camper and blonde counselor or two redheads, etc.)

Announcer: This is amazing! But you know, after all this work, I think we need to wash the machine.

(The operator throws a small cup of water on the side, and a moment later a large bucket of water hits him).

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