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Camp Skit Instructions

“Welcome to our new candy shop! We’re so excited to open our shop soon, but we still need a few more things”.

Ask for a volunteer to act as the door to the candy shop. Bring them on stage, show them ‘how to be a door’. Then ask for another volunteer to be the ‘open sign’. Bring them on stage, show them how to be an open sign. Continue to ask for volunteers for various other parts of the store – check-out counter, bathroom, etc.

At the end, ask for two more volunteers, who just stand there in the candy shop.

A customer comes in and asks for chocolate covered cherries. Sorry, no chocolate covered cherries. Peanut brittle? Sorry, just sold our last peanut brittle. Toffee. You must have toffee. Um, well, not today. Licorice? Fresh out of licorice. Well, what do you have? “Well, all we’ve got are these two suckers.”

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