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Camp Skit Instructions

A camper is holding a box and approaches a group of campers on stage.

Camper 1: “Hey, can you hold this box for me? I really have to use the restroom. I’ll be right back!”.

Group of campers: “Sure, yeah, no problem”.

The group of campers notice that the box is leaking. The campers are curious as to what the leak is. One brave camper, Camper 2, volunteers to taste the leak. She catches some of the dripping with her finger and licks. “Tastes like raspberry!”.

Another camper from the group, Camper 3: “What, raspberry! No way”. She is intrigued and decides to take a lick herself.

Camper 3: “No, it’s definitely vanilla”.

The rest of the campers are intrigued as well and each one continues to take a turn. Throw out different flavors – mint, coffee, cherry, etc.

Camper 1 returns. “Hey, thanks for so much for holding my puppy! He’s been a bit sick, I hope he didn’t give you too much trouble”.

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