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Camper walks onstage, sits down while pretending to chew gum. He takes his pretend gum out of his mouth, sticks it to the back of the chair, then walks off.
Next camper jogs onstage looking tired. He leans on the back of the chair with his hands and finds the gum on his hand. With a disgusted look, he wipes it off his hand onto the chair seat.
Next camper comes out and sits on the chair. After a few seconds, he tries to get up and notices the gum has him stuck. He peels it off and throws it on the ground.

(have as many campers as you want come by and encounter the gum. A dog pees on it, a car drives over it, an old man’s can gets stuck in it, … )

Last camper walks across and steps on the gum, getting his foot stuck. He peels it off and, being a nice guy not wanting anyone else to step in it, sticks it to the back of the chair.
First camper comes back on, sits down, reaches back and finds his gum still there. He pops it in his mouth, starts chewing and walks offstage.

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