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Instructor: Today I am going to give you a short lesson in being prepared. When going on a hike, it is sometimes necessary to take only the bare minimum with you. I will show you how useful a bandana can be for this purpose. I will need a volunteer from the audience to help me demonstrate this. (Volunteer will be someone who already knows about the skit and has agreed to participate. They should be wearing a bandana and have a banana with them.) Because the audience is so large, I will show one side and my volunteer will show the other. (Instructor and volunteer should stand so that neither one can see what the other is doing but so that the audience can see both. Instructor takes out a bandana) I’ve got my bandana!

Volunteer: (takes out banana) I’ve got my banana!

Instructor: Now, do exactly as I say so that your half of the audience can see. First, fold it in half.

Volunteer: Are you sure?

Instructor: Yes, that is the first step. Fold it in half. (Volunteer folds the banana in half) Fold it again.

Volunteer: I’m not sure I can . . .

Instructor: It’s very easy, just fold it and then fold it again. (shows the audience with his/her bandana. The volunteer fold his/her banana again) Put it in your back pocket.

Volunteer: Right now?

Instructor: Yes right now! (Volunteer puts banana in his/her pocket) Wipe your armpits with it. (Volunteer follows) Now unfold it and put it on your head. (Volunteer looks at the banana hesitantly) Is it on your head? The campers won’t know how to do it if you don’t put it on your head! (Volunteer puts the banana on his/her head) Shine your shoes with it. (Volunteer shines shoes) Whew, I’ve worked up a sweat, now wipe your forehead with it! (Volunteer wipes forehead with banana. Instructor and volunteer turn to look at one another.) What happened to you?! Where’s your bandana?!

Volunteer: Bandana?! Bandana?! I thought you said banana!

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