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Camp Songs

What is camp without singing?! Even if someone only attends camp once in their life, you can pretty much guarantee that the lyrics to “Going on a squeegee hunt” or “Hey burrito” will be stuck in their head forever! Camp songs can be used for evening campfire, morning chapel or wake-up session, or even during meals. Actually, there probably isn’t a time at camp that wouldn’t be great for singing! Camp counselors can begin singing a song during a hike to motivate the campers, or during “dead time” if the directors are troubleshooting something, or even just during down time in between activities. Our favorite songs are the ones that have endless verses, such as “little red wagon camp song” or “boom chicka boom camp song”. Each verse keeps the same melody, but you can change the words. These camp songs can last a few minutes to even a few hours, depending on how creative your group gets! Basically, singing can be a 24/7 thing at camp.

Here you can view the lyrics to many of the camp songs you know and love. And yes, that includes Baby Shark!

If you know of a camp song that isn’t listed, please take the time to share the song with our community.

Camp Song Ideas

Camp Song: YMCA

This might be the most famous camp song! Here are the lyrics for the Village…

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Camp Song: One Hen, Two Ducks

This is not really a song, more like a chant or an exercise. This is…

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Camp Chant: U-G-L-Y (You’re late, you’re late)

It is very important to be ON TIME at camp. Why, you ask? Because if…

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Camp Chant: We love our *name* we do, we do

This chant is perfect for when you want to show your appreciation for someone at…

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