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Camp Meal Themes

Food is an integral part of any camp. Meal time is when the whole camp can come together to recount stories of the day, engage in sing-along songs, or brainstorm camp skit ideas for that night’s campfire. Campers and counselors can bond at meal time – whether a cabin group sits together, or the entire camp mixes and matches at each table, meal time can allow new friendships to form and community to build. Meal time is also a great time to sing themed food songs. Maybe you sing the camp song, “Yeah Toast” at breakfast, or maybe you sing “peanut butter reeses cup” at lunch time. No matter what, we’re always having fun when food is involved.

Whether your camp is a weeklong or an entire summer long, you will want to add some diversity to your daily meals. We all like routine, but themed meals can be fun, easy, and will certainly add a flavor to your camp session (pun intended…). From pajama breakfast to medieval feast dinner, from birthday lunch to camp counselor switch dinner, there are a ton of ideas you can incorporate into your next camp session.

If you have a camp meal idea that isn’t listed, please take the time to share your idea with our community.

Camp Meal Theme: Outdoor Picnic Lunch

This camp meal theme is the ultimate camp meal - you're eating in the outdoors!

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Camp Meal Theme: Chopped Dinner

Turn everyone's favorite cooking show into a camp meal theme.

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Camp Meal Theme: Opposite Day

This camp meal theme lets you shake things up a bit - why not have…

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Camp Meal Theme: Harry Potter Dinner

Camp Hogwarts, anyone? Use this meal theme to add a little magic to your session.

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