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Camp Icebreakers

Icebreakers are probably the most important thing to have in your camp counselor toolkit. Many camp counselors have experienced this situation: the incredibly shy and reserved camper on the first day of camp who, by the end of the camp session, will turns out to be the loudest, most outgoing camper and maybe even leads their cabin group to glory with the most comical campfire skit. Another situation we all know too well: when the unlikeliest of pairs become best friends. Perhaps these campers know each from school but are not in the same friend group; icebreakers can dismantle those social barriers and create a setting in which camaraderie thrives. Knowing a handful of camp counselor icebreakers can help those campers break out of their shell early on.

Camp counselor icebreakers are not just helpful for getting shy campers to come out of their shell. Icebreakers can also help unite an entire cabin group. Even more so, icebreakers can instill a sense of pride in your cabin group. Building a cohesive group of campers is one of the most rewarding parts of being a camp counselor.

Below are various camp counselor icebreakers that have been used in various camp settings and have proven to be successful time and time again. If you have an icebreaker idea that isn’t listed, please take the time to share your idea with our community.

Camp Icebreaker Ideas

Camp Icebreaker: Identity Activity

Everyone at camp has a different story - we have different backgrounds, interests, and we…

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Camp Icebreaker: Name Game

There's nothing more important to a groups initial bonding then knowing each other's names. As…

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Camp Icebreaker Activity: Ninja

This is a fun easy game to play with a small group of 3 -…

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