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Camp Games

Camp counselors, need some new games for that upcoming session? We all know how important games are at camp, especially group games that involve all campers. Games are as essential to camp as is nature. Group games can serve as icebreakers at the beginning of a camp session. They can also be used to resolve any personality tensions (safely, of course!), and more broadly, group games just help build community.

There are camp games that involve the entire camp, which we refer to as “whole camp games”. We find that these games are best served with the entire camp because the more people, the better! Plus, it’s a great way to unite all the cabin groups and instill a sense of camp pride. Some common examples of “whole camp games” include camp olympics, scavenger hunts, relay races, or even our personal favorite, capture the flag.

Then there are “small group games”. These games are best when played by a small group (anywhere from five to twenty people should do). Small group games are perfect for a small group of campers trying to get to know each other, or for a whole cabin trying to get to know each other. Camp counselors can also enjoy playing these games together – the fun isn’t just for the young campers! Common examples of small group games include Ninja, sardines (the opposite of hide-and-seek!), and tug of war.

Below is a list of various of camp games that can be used at any camp session. If you have a camp game idea that isn’t listed, please take the time to share your idea with our community.

Camp Game ideas

Camp Game: Find the Counselors

This is a perfect game for the whole camp. Have cabin groups stay together for…

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