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Camp Dance Themes

Does your camp session include a weekly or end-of-the-session dance? Maybe you work at an all-girls summer camp and there’s a yearlong dance tradition with the nearby all-boys camp. Or maybe you volunteer at a performing arts camp and the dance is the highlight of the session because campers get to express their new dance repertoire.

Many camp sessions end with a camp dance. This is a time that campers, camp counselors, and directors look forward to all session. Sometimes it can be a climactic end to the hormone-fueled love interests and relentless flirting between meals. However, what we find most important is that a camp dance is often the event that culminates the week – the lessons learned, the friendships gained, and the experiences had. It’s often that ‘camp moment’ when you realize that icebreakers are no longer needed. A camp dance can tie together the theme of the camp in an extensively wrapped ribbon.

Below is a list of several ideas to help you plan your next big camp dance. If you have a dance idea that isn’t listed, please take the time to share your idea with our community.

Camp Dance Theme Ideas

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