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Camp Resources by Category

Camp Games

Games are a crucial part of a camp session. They can be used for cabins and for entire camps. Us these camp game ideas for a full camp or individual cabins.

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Camp Icebreakers

Getting your cabin, camp, or counselors to bond is key. Use these camp icebreakers to speed up that process.

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Camp Skits

Skit stumped? Use these camp skit ideas to get your cabin’s skit development started, or just print some out and have them as backup.

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Camp Songs

Camp songs are as essential as peanut butter and jelly during lunch. Use these camp song ideas to get you started – or to validate the lyrics on some of those classic camp songs.

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Camp Session Themes

Having a strong camp session theme makes the rest of your session planning easy. Use these camp session theme ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

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Camp Dance Themes

Every camp dance needs songs, decorations, and a theme! Use these camp session dance theme ideas to help you plan your upcoming dance.

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Camp Meal Themes

From large utensil lunch, to a Hollywood style dinner. Use these camp meal theme ideas to spice up breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

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Camp Stories

Grab the s’mores, light the campfire, and gather ’round for these legendary, heartwarming, and spooky stories.

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Camp Poems

Beautiful readings to share with and unite the whole camp.

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