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Camp Meal Theme: Silent Breakfast

Is camp getting a little too crazy? Too many camp songs at meal time? Try this camp meal theme to calm things down for a bit.


The purpose of this camp meal theme is pretty simple – silence! We all know that camp can get a little too R-O-W-D-Y. Use this meal theme to get the whole camp on the same page – quiet, relaxed, but still having a great time.

Supplies Needed

The best part about this camp meal theme – no supplies needed! Just silence.


Step 1 – Instruct the entire camp what this meal theme is all about – silence. Once campers and counselors entire the dining hall, not a word can be spoken. No noise can made. Have the entire camp shout at the top of their lungs for five seconds before entering the mess/dining hall to get everything out of their system.

Step 2 – Once you enter the mess or dining hall, the meal theme begins. Everyone and everything is silent. No chants can be chanted, no camp songs can be sung, and no commands can be made. If someone wants the salt to be passed, they must use a hand motion or some other signal to get what they need.

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