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Camp Meal Theme: Outdoor Picnic Lunch

This camp meal theme is the ultimate camp meal – you’re eating in the outdoors!


This camp meal theme is perfect for camp because, well, it’s outdoors! All you need to do for this theme is pick a day with nice weather – not too hot, no rainstorms – and eat lunch outside. We recommend lunch instead of breakfast or dinner so it is not too cold nor dark when you are eating. This meal theme is perfect for camp because it gets campers outside of the habit of eating indoors in the dining hall and allows them to mingle with other campers as they roam the field/grass wherever you’re eating.

Supplies Needed

You will need a few 8′ or 6′ tables to create a buffet-style line to serve food. You don’t need any tables or chairs for eating because this is a picnic lunch – everyone will be sitting on the grass or on tree stumps or rocks. If your camp doesn’t have a nice grassy area, you can bring out some blankets (or even mattresses! if waterproof) for people to sit on.


Step 1 – Set up buffet tables outside

Step 2 – Instruct campers and counselors to go through the buffet line

Step 3 – Everyone finds a place to sit on the grass!

Step 4 – Clean up – no one can head back to their cabin until the field looks as clean as how they found it.

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