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Camp Meal Theme: Thanksgiving Dinner

What better theme for a camp family dinner? Here are some tips for creating a Thanksgiving group dinner that can make even the hottest summer camp day feel like fall.


This meal can add a touch of fancy and glamor to an otherwise grungy and rustic camp session. You can even encourage campers and counselors to dress up for this formal occasion!

Supplies Needed
  • Table cover
    • White tablecloths
    • Burlap strips
    • Sticks
    • Colorful plastic leaves
  • Name cards for all campers (burlap, leaf cutouts, marker, pins)
  • Centerpieces (two options)
    • Leaf candle (white candles, colored leaves, twine)
    • Pinecone bowl (candle, pinecones, plastic pumpkins, large bowl)
  • Menus
  • Arrange tables in U-shape
  • Set up white tablecloths, then place a burlap strip down the center of each table.
  • Place sticks and leaves on burlap strip.
  • Place one centerpiece on each table and menu next to centerpiece
  • Set up plates, silverware and cups.
  • Place namecards (in cabin order) at each plate setting.
    • Ask counselors to write their campers’ names beforehand. This will make the campers feel special and also help people find where to sit so it’s not chaotic.
  • Instruct the cabin groups to find their tables and campers will sit where they find their name card
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