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Camp Meal Theme: Counselor Swap

Meal time – a great time for counselors and staff to finally sit down and relax. Take a little break from the campers. OR NOT! Have them move around during this meal theme.


This camp meal theme is a perfect way to get the entire camp mixing and mingling. The middle of the week (or middle of the summer, however long your camp session is) is the best time of your camp session to host this camp meal theme. You want to make sure that the first few days of camp, the campers are getting to know their own cabin-mates and counselors. However, after those first few days and the dust settles, it’s a great time to mix things up. Let them get to know the other counselors at camp!

Supplies Needed

The best part about this camp meal theme – no supplies needed! Just use a whistle or even yell your voice to note when time’s up.


Step 1 – Have counselors and campers sit at their normal assigned tables.

Step 2 – Director/Staff member: announce that it’s time for counselors to move to another table. Campers stay put, but the counselors grab their plates, cups, silverware, and move on to the table next to them. Make this announcement anyway you want – blow a whistle, shout something, or alternatively, have music playing during the meal, and when the music stops, that’s when counselors have to move.

Step 3 – After five minutes, make the announcement/signal again for counselors to move.

Step 4 – After another five minutes, counselors swap tables again.

Step 5 – Keep this going, but change up the pace – do 3 minutes, then 2 minutes, then 30 seconds, then even a few times with only five seconds in between! Counselors won’t really get a chance to sit and relax, but that’s the joy of a camp meal.

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