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Camp Meal Theme: "Chopped" Dinner

Turn everyone’s favorite cooking show into a camp meal theme.


This camp meal theme allows campers and counselors to be active participants in the meal. Turn an everyday dinner into a competitive cooking show game.

Supplies Needed

Whatever each cabin group needs to compete – food and kitchen utensils. If you’re giving each group a “mystery basket” of four ingredients, make enough for each cabin group.


Step 1 – Divide your camp into cabins or groups, if they’re not already. Each cabin group should sit at one table.

Step 2 – Give each cabin group the same amount of materials – mystery basket ingredients and utensils.

Step 3 – Set the timer. Give each cabin group 5-10 minutes to make the panel of judges (kitchen staff, counselors, camp staff, etc.) a plated meal.

Step 4 – Judges eat and rate each cabin group’s plated meal.

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