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Camp Meal Theme: Caveman Meal

This meal theme is a camper’s dream – eat with your hands!


This camp meal theme makes eating way more fun. Take your campers on an adventure through time and transport them to the caveman days. Before utensils were invented, how did people eat? With their hands!

Supplies Needed

The best part about this camp meal theme is that you could make it as elaborate as you want, or as simple as you want. If you want to keep things simple, all you need to do is have everyone eat with their hands. Make sure utensils and silverware are put away and out of sight, and the meal begins!

To be elaborate and really turn this camp meal theme into a caveman meal, feel free to add some decorations, encourage campers and counselors to dress up as cave people, and make your food themed caveman.

  • Caveman food
    • Entree – any meat with bones (chicken wings, turkey leg, baby back ribs, etc.) or easy to eat with your hands (like a kabob with beef, chicken and vegetables)
    • Sides – vegetables easy to eat with your hands (corn on the cob)
    • Dessert – chocolate brownies, cake pops, popsicles
  • Caveman decorations
    • Dark room or dim the lights; have some torches or fire pits (if appropriate)
    • Label the food with “herbivore” and “carnivore” signs
    • BONUS: have an erupting volcano somewhere in your mess hall!
  • Caveman costumes
    • Ever seen the Flintstones? Encourage your counselors and campers to go wild with this one! You can even have a costume contest for this meal.

Step 1 – Instruct your campers about the camp meal theme – caveman style!

Step 2 – Make sure all silverware and utensils are put away – no forks, knives or spoons should be in sight. We don’t want anyone to be tempted.

Step 3 – Eat with your hands!

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