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Camp Icebreaker Activity: Ninja

This is a fun easy game to play with a small group of 3 – 12 campers/adults. This icebreaker is best utilized with a cabin group.


The ninja icebreaker is a quick easy game to play with a group of campers at any time. It can be used as the first game played during check in, or while waiting for lunch lineup.

Supplies Needed



Get your participants to stand in a circle. Once they are in a circle have them take two steps backward and strike a karate pose. They are then required to stay completely still. Moving clockwise, each individual has their turn to attempt to strike the individual standing to their right or left (arm only). The target is allowed to avoid the strike, but must only make one movement and then freeze until it is their turn to strike. If the “striker” misses, they must freeze in their strike position. Any time someone lands a strike, the individual who is struck must leave the circle, and the leader may instruct the group to take one step forward, closing any gaps as they occur.


You can instruct the group to bow to their sensai at the start of the game, and make a “Karate Noise” every time they strike to make the game more fun.

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