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Camp Icebreaker Activity: Name Game

There’s nothing more important to a groups initial bonding then knowing each other’s names. As a camp director, I can always tell if a group is doing well, based on whether or not the campers in the cabin know the names of their fellow campers or are still using the “hey you” call.


The “Name Game” icebreaker helps a group learn each other’s names.

Supplies Needed



Ask the group to sit down in a circle. Choose someone to start by stating their name and favorite camp activity (or favorite food, favorite subject in school, favorite hobby, etc.). Then have the person sitting to their right repeat the first person’s name and favorite activity and then state their own. Then the next person has to recite the first two names, favorite camp activities, and their own. Continue clockwise until you reach the last person in the circle.


This activity can be difficult for some campers, so be sure to be aware of who may struggle with this activity and start with them. Or be sure to be attentive and provide helpful hints along the way. Remember this is meant to be fun, not an interrogation – Be patient!

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