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Camp Icebreaker Activity: West Wind Blows

The “West Wind Blows” icebreaker helps individual campers break out of their shell and become more comfortable speaking in front of the group. This ice breaker is good to do early in a camp session to help campers prepare for campfire skits.

Supplies Needed



All the campers stand or sit in a circle. One person starts in the middle and says this statement “The west wind blows if….” adding a statement that is true to them. For example, “The west wind blows if you have a dog” or “The west wind blows if you are wearing a red shirt” or “The west wind blows if you like to swim.” If the campers in the circle think the statement applies to them they have to switch spots with someone else in the circle. Whoever cannot find another spot will be the next person in the middle. End the game at any time.


To make it harder, add a rule that campers can’t switch spots with someone next to them.

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