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Camp Game: Poop Deck

This is a perfect game for the whole camp. This camp activity can be done indoors or outdoors.


There are many purposes to this game. First, it requires almost no preparation nor resources. You can do this game very last-minute if you have time to kill or if another camp game gets cancelled. Or, if you had planned for an outdoor activity and now it’s raining at camp and you need an indoor rain day game. Second, it’s a game that the whole camp can play together. Third, it’s very high energy! Great idea if you want to tire out your campers before lights out / bedtime.

Supplies Needed

Tape or chalk or something similar – to create sections inside.


Poop Deck

Use tape or chalk to create three squares in your room. Each square is a deck – the poop deck, the quarterdeck, and the halfdeck.

Start game – instruct all campers to gather in the poopdeck.

Camp director calls out a “deck” and all the campers move to the deck called out. The last camper into the deck is out of the game. The game continues until two campers are left.

Other Commands

You can yell out commands instead of moving them to another “deck”, such as:

  • “hit the deck” (everyone goes face down, last one down is out)
  • “clear the deck” (everyone must step completely outside the marked area and may not step back in, no matter what other command may be issued, until they hear β€œOn deck!”)
  • “on deck” (everyone is free to step back inside the marked area)
  • “swab the deck” (everyone on their knees)
  • Anything else…be creative!

Other Tips

  • Be loud and clear when calling out the decks
  • Try to confuse the campers, in a fun way πŸ™‚ such as point to one deck but actually call out the name of another (i.e. point at poop deck but say “quarterdeck!”
  • At the beginning of the game, let the campers have a few trial runs to get the hang of the game

Add your own decks

To make the game more exciting you can add your own “decks”. We have a fireplace with a large stone hearth / ledge in our dining hall and say, “fire deck!” – everyone has to find a place on the hearth (obviously this should only be used when fireplace is not in use, and when towards the end of the game when the camp group gets smaller so it’s actually feasible for someone to find a place to stand on the hearth).
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