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Camp Game: Fort Building

This is a perfect game for the whole camp. Have cabin groups stay together for this game.


There are many purposes to this game. First, it’s a great way for campers and counselors, especially those new to camp, to get acquainted with the physical landscape of your campground. Second, this game is a great way for individual cabin groups to bond as they compete with other cabin groups – divide the camp in half, and now you have a common enemy to fight together!

Supplies Needed

Anything you can find in nature! Sticks, logs, branches, leaves, etc.


Why are shelters important?

Before playing this game, teach the campers about the important of outdoor survival. Teach them about the different types of shelters that can be built in the wild, such as forts and teepees. And the two most important factors – staying warm and staying dry. Emphasize these two words – WARM and DRY. In a real survival situation, these two things are the only things that matter with shelter building.

Divide the group into two or more teams: 

Divide the campers into teams and have a challenge to see who can build the best fort. Give them a time limit – say, 20 minutes – to gather materials, build the fort, and test its efficiency against the elements.


Have a bucket of water to pour over each team’s fort – which one is the best at keeping the people dry?

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