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Camp Game: Find the Counselors

This is a perfect game for the whole camp. Have cabin groups stay together for this game.


There are many purposes to this game. First, it’s a great way for campers and counselors, especially those new to camp, to get acquainted with the physical landscape of your campground. Second, this game is a great way for individual cabin groups to bond as they compete with other cabin groups to find the most counselors, and the fastest. Third and last, this game is a nice break for counselors! An hour of hiding in a tree may not sound like a break, but sometimes that may be the only quiet hour that a counselor doesn’t have to watch over their rowdy campers 🙂

Supplies Needed

Stickers or markers – something for each counselor to give to, or mark, a cabin group when they are found


Gather the whole camp in one place, such as the campfire circle or mess hall. Before you begin the instructions for the game, ask for one counselor from each cabin group (make sure there is another leader to stay behind in each cabin group) to come to the front of the hall or side of the campfire. Instruct those counselors that they have 5 minutes to leave the area and find a place to hide around camp. Make sure you give boundaries, too, and repeat these boundaries when you explain the game to the campers. Once the counselors have left to hide, explain the game to the campers. When each cabin group finds a counselor, that counselor will give the group a sticker (or mark someone’s hand with a marker) to indicate that they have been found. Counselors stay in their hiding place for the duration of the game. After about 40 minutes or so, call everyone back.


Give the camp an incentive to play the game, such as extra dessert at the end of the game or extra time before lights out.

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