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What is Camp?

Camp is a place where kids are offered a whole new world of friendship, excitement and independence. It’s a place where jumping off a 25 foot high ropes platform, nailing a bulls eye on the archery range, and performing a skit in front of a group of 100 peers happens regularly. Campers put away their smart phones and pick up a thirst for adventure. And when a child conquers a new adventure at camp, they quickly store it away as a reminder of their courage.

By entering into the campground each camper enters a new world. A world where past relationships, reputations and expectations are temporarily halted. A new system of rules apply on the campground. Adult role models play the part of big brother/big sister walking the campers through a carefully constructed hour by hour schedule, geared toward giving campers an experience which will not soon be forgotten. From the 7:00 AM wake up call to 10:30 PM lights out warning every hour of the day is structured with the sole intention of giving campers a fun and enriching experience. Each day campers unravel new and untapped abilities, taking their physical and mental capabilities to the peak of possibility.

For many campers, camp is their first experience being away from home. It gives them an opportunity to remove themselves from their typical landscape and can ignite a change similarly seen in adults who travel the globe for the first time. A new experience to add to their repertoire of understanding can help them gain confidence, self-esteem, and broader understanding of self.

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